Rei (レイ?)
Kilala Princess vol 4

Kilala (left) with Rei (right).

The male protagonist of the story, Rei is a stubborn, headstrong, but well-intentioned prince who has come to Kilala's town to search for the princess of his country (Paradiso (パラディソスParadisosu?, Paradeisos/Παράδεισος)). Kilala tried to kiss him because she first found him asleep, and to her embarrassment, Rei remembers that event quite clearly. Kilala later finds out he's a prince. And the two fall in love with each other. Later on in the story, Rei must go back to Paradiso and gives Kilala the tiara of the seventh princess. He finds out later that his memories were erased by Valdou and the Coup, who are trying to take over his country.

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